How much does Forklift Training cost?

How much does forklift training cost

If you are looking at booking Forklift Training and want to know the costs to obtain a Forklift Truck Licence. We answer the questions you may ask.

How much does Forklift Training cost?

This depends on how you will be taking your forklift training course, you generally have two options.

1. Your employed and your employer arranges on-site forklift training utilising their site and there own forklift trucks.

2. Forklift Training Centres where as an individual you go to train up on various forklift trucks including counterbalance and reach trucks.

Its generally cheaper to have on-site forklift training than it is by attending a training centre.

In the UK, you can expect to pay approx. £205-£300 plus VAT per day for on-site training, however instructors can train up to 3 people per day and the duration of the course depends on the experience level of an individual.

A refresher course is generally 1 day along with a conversion from 1 truck type to another, novice courses tend to be 3-5 days depending on the number of antendees.

Within a Forklift Training Centre, prces can vary from area to area.

How can I get a forklift driving licence?

In reality, there is no such thing as a forklift driving licence and you don’t need to have a general car diriving licence unless the forklift truck you will be operating will be going on to public roads.

However, you must undertake a course to show that you capable of using and operating a forklift truck safely.

When you pass a forklift training course, you will receive certification to show that you have demonstrated the safe use of a forklift truck.

How much does a Forklift Driver get paid?

This depends on the area that you work in however, it will never be less than Minimum Wage or where applicable Minimum Living Wage.

The average hourly rate for Forklift Drivers in the UK is £8.63 according to PayScale which equates to approx. £16,800 per year if you were to work full-time hours.

What is the Job Description for a Forklift Driver?

A general job description for a forklift driver is as follows:

A forklift truck driver would be expected to work in a warehouse, contruction site or retail environment in a safe manner.

The forklift driver must place items safely on to the forklift and may require heavy lifting of items, the driver must then safely lift the items and transport them to the required area.

A forklift driver may be assigned tasks for the day and will be required to perform these tasks independently and safeley. Communication skills are essential in this roll to maintain safety in the workplace.

I will be required of the forklift truck operator to perform regular daily checks on the forklift trucks which may include routine maintenance and troubleshooting. If the forklift truck is not safe to use it must be reported to the appropriate person.

Whilst education background such as GCSE’s and A Levels isn’t essential to be a forklift driver, many employers want to see a basic level of English, Maths and Science. when going through Forklift training you will have to read and write.

Some jobs will offer extensive training, especially in terms of health and safety and operating a forklift truck safely. Some positions will only be available to those who have the correct credentials to operate a forklift truck.

How do I get a forklift licence in the UK?

See the answer above in terms of a forklift licence, however, you will need to know the following in getting certification in operating a forklift truck safely:

1. Find out what skills are required and the type of forklift truck you would like to operate.
2. Contact a forklift training centre in your local area to find out costs and availability.
3. Attend the course which could last between 3-5 days and will involve theory and practical work.
4. Carry out the test at the end of the course to find out if you have passed.
5. Receive certification to say that you have carried out training to operate a forklift truck safely.

Once you have one truck type, the conversion courses are usually just 1 day courses.

How long does a forklift truck licence last?

In the UK, forklift training certification generally has no expiration period. However, insurers, employers or HSE recommends refresher courses every 3 years to take into account new legislation, etc.

Do I need to use an accreddited forklift training provider?

Whilst its recommended to have training in an accredited training centre, it isn’t essential. Many employees carry out whats known as “In-House” training, in which the employee will receive certification that they can use a forklift truck safely.

If you wish to become a forklift truck instructor, then it is recommended to have accredited training with one of the accredited bodies.

What are the main accredited bodies for forklift training?

The main accredited bodies for Forklift Training are:

2. AITB – Association Industrial Truck Trainers
3. BRITTOP – The British Register of Industrial Truck Trainers and Operators
4. CITB – Construction Industry Training Board
5. ITSSAR – Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register

Where can I get Forklift Training?

There are various companies in the UK that offer Forklift Training including Forklift Agency Ltd, Linde Forklift Training and Wallace School of Transport.

If you require a forklift training centre there are various listings on a directory website, that we have listed at the bottom of this article.

Where can I get free forklift training courses?

It is really difficult to get funded forklift training courses, however, the best idea is to speak to your local job centre. If you are already employed and would like to look at getting your licence, there are various grants available for training.

What is the maximum safe speed of a forklift truck?

The maximum allowable speed for a forklift truck is 8mph, but in areas where pedestrians move around, then forklift trucks should essentially go no faster than 3mph.

What is the most popular type of forklift truck?

Generally, the most popular type of forklift trucks operating in the workplace is a Counterbalance Forklift Truck, although many operate both Reach and the Counterbalance trucks.

On a construction site, the most popular type of forklift truck is a rought terrain telescopic forklift truck.

Where do I look for Forklift Driving jobs?

If you are looking for a forklift driving job, then the best sites to look at are places like Monster Jobs or Reed, they have quite a few listed.

If you already have the correct qualifications for forklift driving, then you can register your details at Forklift Drivers Register – They will pass your details to companies who are looking and recruiting for Forklift Truck Drivers.

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