What is a Tesla Referral Code and what benefits does it give you?

If you are looking at purchasing a new Tesla, then use a referral link to gain some supercharger miles. Read more questions and answers on the Tesla Referral System below.

What is a Tesla Referral Code?

Before you go an order that Shiny new Tesla, you need to use a referral code from an existing Tesla owner.

By using a Referral code, this will give you 1,000 miles of free super charging miles to use a Tesla charging points across the UK.

The referral scheme is a great way for Tesla to spread word about their cars with very little advertising and on top of this, when your Tesla has been delivered, you can then refer your own customers to the car.

What additional benefits do you get by referring people to Tesla?

As a Tesla Owner, not only do you get the 1,000 free supercharging miles. But at the moment they will enter you into a monthly draw to win a Tesla Founder Series Model Y or a Roadster.

You can keep an eye on your referrals in the Tesla app on your smartphone as well as how many supercharger miles you currently have left in your account.

How do I get a Tesla Referral Link to Share?

If you are a Tesla owner and you would like a link to share with your friends, family or colleagues. All you need to do is go into your Tesla app on your smartphone and follow these easy instructions.

1.) Click on the Treasure Chest at the top right hand side of the screen.
2.) Click on Share Your Referral Link
3.) Then choose how you would like to share this on your device.

You can also login to your Tesla account on your computer to find out what your link looks like.

Can I refer myself to purchase a Tesla?

Although this has not been tested by ourselves, previous Tesla owners have advised that referrals by yourself when ordering does indeed work.

Share the link with yourself and click through to Tesla’s website to order your next Tesla.Tesla Referral Code UK Program

What Tesla vehicles can I order via the link?

You can order any of Tesla’s current range via a referral link, this includes the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X.

We also believe that pre-orders for Tesla’s Model Y, Tesla’s Roadster and the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck also works via the Tesla Referral Link.

Where can I find a Tesla Supercharger to redeem my free miles?

The Tesla app is the easiest way of finding the locations of superchargers and destination chargers up and down the UK.

You can also do this from the Tesla car itself by clicking on the lightning bolt. When programming the Satellite Navigation, the system will take into account the range of the battery and suggest charging en-route.

Do the Tesla Supercharging Miles Expire?

According to the Tesla terms and conditions, unused Supercharging miles expire after 6 months. Depending on how often you use Tesla Superchargers, you may not use your full supercharger miles allowance within the expiration period.

If you receive a new referral on your account within the 6 months, this extends the validity period of free supercharging miles.

From 2019, Tesla capped the expiration terms to a maximum of 36 months, however, you can keep extending this time with new referrals.

How do you use a Tesla Referral Code?

You’ve got a few options on how to use the Tesla Referral Codes. You can do this in one of the many Tesla stores in the UK. Just go into store and give them the code such as “Rhys58317” and order.

You can use the link provided that looks like: https://ts.la/rhys58317 – click on the link and go through the instructions to order your Tesla Model 3.

You can also do this by phone and quote the code such as “Rhys58317” when ordering. If you are in the USA and want to order the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Model, you need to call to make this purchase.

If you have ordered a Tesla already and forgotten to give a referral code, then occasionally customer services have added this on at a late date for you.

What is the clunking noise when charging a Tesla Model 3?

You may experience clunking or banging noises under your model 3, especially if you are at a Supercharger. This noise can be related to something similar to a tin can flexing.

We will report back on this questions once we have done some further research.

How much is a Tesla Model 3 to contract hire?

There are quite a few funders available that you can contract hire a Tesla Model 3 from, these include Leaseplan, Arval and Alphabet. Leaseplan had some of the best rates available in the UK, but prices do change on a regular basis.

It is still possible to use a referral code, we recommend the following:

1. Order your Tesla online and pay the £2,000 deposit
2. Don’t forget to use the referral code to get 1,000 free supercharger miles.
3. Contact DriveElectric or a Contract Hire supplier and ask them for quotations.
4. If you are happy with the quotes, then give them your Tesla reservation number and ask them to attach the funding to that car.
5. Take delivery of your car.

More information can be found here: How much is the Tesla Model 3 on Contract Hire in the UK?

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