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Lidar on top of a Volvo

What is LIDAR?

Levi from Sweden has asked: “What is LIDAR?” – We cover this and a few other areas to help you find out what LIDAR is

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Antique Pentax Camera

Who was Patrick Lichfield?

Brian Darso of Swansea has asked “Who was Patrick Lichfield” – Brian is currently studying the history of famous photographers, we answer his question below.

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What is brown noise?

Anonymous asked the question; What is Brown Noise? We answer this and more on AE Answers. What is Brown Noise? Brown noise, also known as

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BMW SUV in field

What is an SUV?

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What is BS145e?

Ken from Brighton has asked what BS145e is, he says that he has read about it in the news but doesn’t quite understand. So we’re

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Heanor Derbyshire

Where is Heanor?

Mick Clarke of Salisbury has asked: “Where is Heanor?” so we’ll answer this and more about Heanor in Derbyshire. Where is Heanor? Heanor is small

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Car-2-X Technology

What is Car-2-X?

Stephane from Huddersfield asks: What is Car-2-X technology? We answer this and more on AE-Answers: Additional Reading Car2X: The new era of intelligent vehicle networking

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