Who is Neil Patel?

Who is Neil Patel?

Neil Patel is an entrepreneur who specialises in SEO and marketing, co-founding businesses such as Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSMetrics.

He has a very successful channel on YouTube offering snippet on how to improve your website by utilising different proven techniques. He also does a daily podcast that offers the same solutions.

Where was Neil Patel Born?

Neil Patel was actually born in London in England, although he moved to Orange County, California in 1987/1988.

What was Neil Patel’s first job?

Neil Patel’s first proper job was at the age of 15 working at Knott’s Berry Farm in the park services department.

How much is Neil Patel worth?

Neil’s estimated net worth is between 7-10 Million US Dollars and with no slowing down, this net worth will be increasing on a yearly basis.

Neil has many projects behind him pushing his net worth including Ubersuggest.

Is Neil Patel on LinkedIn?

Yes, Neil Patel is listed on LinkedIn and although its very difficult to connect with Neil, you can follow him utilising LinkedIn’s tools.

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