How do I display external images on my website?

External Image HTML Code

Adam from Derby has asked how he can display external images on his website, so we try and answer this and a few more questions around this subject.

How do I display external images on my website?

It is quite easy depending on what platform you are using, to display external images on your website. WordPress is a great platform and now enables you to use external images with ease.

If your website is HTML, it isn’t as simple but with a bit of code you can easily do this.

We will paste the code below for you to copy and paste, but we would highly recommend using the <img src=””> piece of HTML to do this.

We would highly recommend using some styling and titles to help with your SEO, you can even add a hyperlink.

For example if I wanted to link an image to our website and title it, we would use the following code: <a href=”” title=”AE Answers”><img src=”” title=”AE Answers Image”></a>

What is the best service to host images externally?

If you have a heavy website with lots of images and/or photographs, it is sometimes better to host these files externally than on your own website, depending on the service, this can have a huge effect on loading times.

Of course, before you do add these files, it is best to optimise all of the images and strip out any code such as the EXIF data.

Amazon Web Services offers S3 storage which is extremely cost-effective and you can use the code above to serve images to your website.

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Post Published: August 27, 2021
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