Day: December 3, 2019

What is impeachment?

Tammy from Covington, Georgia, USA has asked us What is impeachment? We answer this and a few more questions for Tammy below. Additional reading on

What is Veganuary?

We’ve been asked by Michelle of Speke, UK; What is Veganuary? We answer this question and a few more related to Veganuary. Read more about

What is Automatic Enrolment?

We get asked lots of questions with regards to Automatic Enrolment, whilst we answer the questions at no point do we offer any advice with

When is the May Bank Holiday?

Following lots of confusion by the UK government changing the May bank holiday to co-incide with the 75th anniversary of VE day and many printing

What is Megxit?

We’ve been asked the question by Anonymous of Bradford, UK – What is Megxit, so we answer this and a few additional questions for you.

Who was Qasem Soleimani?

Who is Qasim Solemani and why did Donald Trump President of the United States order a drone strike to kill him at Baghdad International Airport.


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