What is Car-2-X?

Car-2-X Technology

Stephane from Huddersfield asks: What is Car-2-X technology? We answer this and more on AE-Answers:

What is Car-2-X Technology?

Car-2-X technology is effectively a network of vehicles where they can communicate with other vehicles and the road infrastructure.

It will enable the vehicle to inform the driver of any roadside breakdowns, traffic jams or the location of accidents. Where required, it can also provide assistance such as emergency braking, lane wandering by other drivers and obstructions by other vehicles.

Whilst the technology isn’t live as yet, Volkswagen have introduced this starting with the Volkswagen Golf Mk.8.

The new technology has been labeled as WLANp, yet it uses radio connection and not WiFi or LTE to communicate.

How far does the WLANp signal stretch?

The WLANp signal uses radio technology and not a mobile connection or WiFi. Therefore, the signal can rach approx. 492ftin the City or up to 2625ft in rural areas. It also covers 360 degrees of the car.

As this is a radio connection, no-ongoing subscriptions will be required.

What about Data Security?

As the system does not use a mobile data connection or WiFi, no data is stored on the backend of the system.

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Post Published: August 19, 2020
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