Where is Heanor?

Heanor Derbyshire

Mick Clarke of Salisbury has asked: “Where is Heanor?” so we’ll answer this and more about Heanor in Derbyshire.

Where is Heanor?

Heanor is small town in Derbyshire and is part of the Amber Valley district. Heanor is 8 miles north-east of the city of Derby.

Heanor is part of the civil parish of Heanor and Loscoe, it has a population of approx. 17,251 as of the 2011 census.

Is Heanor in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire?

Heanor is in the county of Derbyshire, close to the Nottinghamshire border. It is approx. 10 miles away from Nottingham City Centre.

What is there to do in Heanor?

Heanor is actually a small market town and offers weekly stalls to peruse on a Saturday and other special days.

If you’re looking for a walk, then Shipley Country Park is a vast piece of land with walks, fields and lakes. It also has a small information centre and a cafe.

Heanor used to be quite close to the American Adventure theme park that closed in 2007 and is now being developed for houses.

There are a number of shops in Heanor including Tesco, Boyes, The Food Warehouse and more. It also has a Costa Coffee outlet.

Where was the American Adventure Theme Park?

The American Adventure Theme Park was located on the edge of Ilkeston and Heanor, bordering with Shipley Country Park.

After the collapse of Britannia Park in 1985, it’s name changed to The American Adventure opening in June 1987. It featured famous theme park rides including The Missile, Buffalo Stampede and the Cherokee Falls.

American Adventure eventually closed in January 2007 after a huge decline in numbers and a re-brand to focus on younger childer.

Where is there to eat and drink in Heanor?

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in Heanor, depending what your personal tastes are.

For those who like to catchup over a coffee, Costa has a store based on a retail park close to the town centre. If it’s a beer or a glass of wine, there are plenty of public houses including the Mundy Arms, Angry Bee and the Redemption Ale House.

If you fancy something a little bit different Happy Jacks; Milkshakes, Cakes and Desserts opened in April 2021 in between Central Studios and Merv Spencer Photography, ordering can be done online for quick collection or delivery for a small charge.

Food outlets are available with Birds Bakery, Stacey’s and more offering their edible goods.

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