Where are BA storing their airplanes?

British Airways Plane Storage

We’ve been asked by an anonymous AVGeek, where are British Airways storing their planes during the Covid-19 outbreak?

We answer this and a number of other questions with regards to British Airways and where they are storing their aircraft.

Where are British Airways storing their airplanes during the Covid-19 outbreak?

At the moment, as its reported in the news. British Airways have grounded many of their airplanes due to flight cancellations.

Understandably, London Heathrow airport has not got the capacity for the planes involved and the ones stored at London Heathrow have been placed at Terminal 5C and at various points around the site including on their taxiways.

British Airways have stored a number of their aircraft at various airports in the UK, these include Glasgow, Bournemouth, Norwich and Cardiff.

Are British Airways still operating flights?

Yes, British Airways are still operating a number of flights, however, a lot of the USA flights are Cargo only.

Where can I get an update on British Airways storage movements?

There are a couple of websites that report the movements of British Airways planes, with The BA Source being the better. We have included a link to their RSS feed below, with their latest movement.

The BA Source Website

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Post Published: March 25, 2020
Post Last Updated: March 25, 2020

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