What are the top 3 things to see in Porto on a budget?

Things to do in Porto on a Budget

Jess asks what are the top 3 things to se on a budget when travelling to Porto in Portugal. We answer tis and a few more items on Porto below.

What are the top 3 things to see on a budget in Porto?

Porto is an amazing place to visit and with many of the budget airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair serving this place, its also a really cheap getaway for a weekend.

Here are the top 3 things to do on a budget in Porto:

1. Ribeira and the Luis I Bridge is one of the key features of Porto. The riverfront district was declared a UNESCO World Hertiage Site and should be top of your list.

It has an amazing atmosphere and lots of old and charming buildings to see. Views from the top of the bridge are amazing and you can walk across the top and the bottom.

2. Livraria Lello os a bookstore and is worth a walk from Ribeira, there is a small charge to go in but this is taken off a purchase. It can get busy and queues can get long quite quickly.

3. Sao Bento Railways Station in Porto is located in the historic centre of Porto.

It features large panels of azulejo tiles and looks absolutely amazing. Its always difficult to photograph as the place can get busy at most times of the day, even for the early risers.

Where to sample Port in Porto?

There are a number of outlets in the Riverdistrict that offer free Port tasting, its really important not to take the mickey and taste test it and not look as though you are aiming to get drunk as it will be frowned upon.

If you have got the budget for it, you can do the Port cellar tours which are well worth the money.

Is it safe to travel to Portugal due to Coronavirus?

As of Friday 13th March 2020, there are currently no travel restrictions to Portugal due to the Coronavirus.

This is despite Tap Portugal cancelling the majority of its flights.

There are currently measures in place byt the Portuguese authorities to limit the spread of the virus and risks must be assessed seriously by yourself and your travelling party.

Many of the airlines are offering free changes and it may be worth you looking at taking up this option before committing to travelling to Porto.

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Post Published: March 13, 2020
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